Our skilled fabricators are able to operate a vast array of machinery and tooling with all welding, cutting, bushing, drilling and linishing done in our workshop. Robot Welding

  • TIG/MIG and Aluminium Welding
  • Brazing
  • Linishing and Cleaning
  • Laser Cutting

We fabricate products and components for a variety of industries, such as the furniture industry, health and education, including staging for schools, hospital tables as well as fabrications for retail applications. Some stainless steel work is fairly simple such as the rolling of profiles for the base of concrete stands on petrol station forecourts, whilst other work can be quite intricate such as the components we fabricate for motorsports.

TIG/MIG Welding

We offer Mig/Tig, spot and arc welding for applications such as precision welding of seams on chassis fabrications, high quality stainless steel welding and welding for medium sized fabrications.

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