JFC Marketing 2015

The power of connectivity and social media has changed the landscape in which people consider choosing their providers. Further to this, customers are now better informed, more discerning and above all willing to broadcast experiences of poor service at any given moment.

Throughout the last year we have been conscious of the growing role that social media is playing in the market. Rather than shy away from technology our aim over the next 12 months is to invest in this area, changing the way we have previously marketed and advertised the business.

We are happy to announce our new website, alongside this we will shortly be re-launching our email updates service which will keep dealers informed of our product updates and offers. We hope this will enable us to better serve our customers.

The world we live in challenges businesses to evolve quickly and adapt intuitively to swiftly changing technological advances. At JFC Engineering we have noted a change in how our customers want to communicate and the process changes required to mirror our client needs.

At JFC, we believe wholeheartedly in doing what we say, and respecting the opinions of our customers to drive our business forward and ensure we are always meeting their needs.

May 2015

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